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Tacos And Salad


Beer, Wine & Cocktails

Maui Brewing Pineapple Mana Wheat
Wheat Beer infused with Maui Gold pineapples. 5.5% Alcohol By Volume 12oz.
Sapporo Lager
Our "Go-To" beer, virtually pairs with everything on our menu. 4.9% ABV 12oz. can.
Moosehead Lager
Refreshing lager with a bit of a malt backbone, easily drinkable. 5% ABV. 12oz. bottle Recommend trying with our Braised Pork Bowl.
Rare Earth Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle (750ml)
Organically grown, vegan friendly, displays deep black currant and cedar aromas, medium bodied with vanilla and intense, rich black cherry flavors
Fort Point SFIZIO Pilsner
Italian styled Pilsner brewed in SF by Fort Point Beer Co. 4.9% ABV, 12oz. can
Montucky Cold SnackLager
Light crisp lager, easily drinkable. 4.1% ABV. 16oz. can Recommend trying it with an order of Korean Buffalo Wings.
Ku Soju, Original (750ml)
Ku Soju is traditional Korean liquor distilled from sweet potato, Ku Soju has a velvety, lightly sweeten, crisp and clean taste better than that of premium vodka. 24% Alcohol
Okunomatsu - Tokubetsu Junmai (300ml)
Filtered Sake, Alcohol 15% by Volume
Seismic Brewing Company IPA
Shatter Cone IPA 12oz. 7.0% Alcohol By Volume
North Coast Scrimshaw Pilsner
A refreshing Pilsner with a dry crisp clean, slightly hoppy finish. 4.5% ABV 12oz can. Recommend trying with a chicken bowl or Chicken Koja.
Faction Brewing Lager
Hipster Conformant Lager 16oz. 4.8% Alcohol By Volume
Ballast Point IPA
Sculpin IPA 12oz 7% alcohol by volume
Altamont Berry White Beer
Ale infused with raspberry and cranberry, drinks like a dry wine hard seltzer... 4.7%ABV 16oz
Cedar Brook Sauvignon Blanc (750ml)
White wine with grapefruit, tropical fruit and apple in aroma. Hints of tropical fruit followed into the palate where the wine ends with a crisp finish
Golden State Cider---Brut
Hard Apple Cider Unfiltered Gluten-free 16oz 6.9% Alcohol By Volume
Yaegaki – Sake (750ml)
Made from rice in which nearly 40% of the grain has been polished away. Full bodied, with a slight acidity. ABV 15%
Stubborn Mule
A twist to the classic Moscow Mule made with Soju, Crabbies Ginger Beer and a hint of Lime... Ready to drink. 16oz bottle
SOMA Beer Co. Hazy IPA
SF Bay Area brewed hazy IPA... 7% alcohol by volume, 12oz
Koja Sangria
Our version of a Red Sangria with fruit sweetened Cabernet Sauvignon. 16oz
Truly Hard Seltzer
Truly Hard Seltzer 5% abv 12oz can
Eel River Blonde Ale
A crisp Blonde Ale. 5.8% ABV. 12oz can Recommend with Beef Koja with Fried Egg, or an order of Umami Fries
Calicraft Passionfruit Guava Spritzer
Made from organic passionfruit, guava and orange juices. Gluten Free. Dry finish. 5% abv. 12oz can
Adult Pink Lemonade
House Made Strawberry Mango Mint Lemonade with a generous Soju kick... Ready to drink straight or over ice. 16oz bottle
Truly Hard Lemonade Seltzer
Truly Hard Lemonade Flavored Seltzer 5% abv 24oz can
Calicraft Kolsh
Bay Area brewed Kolsh styled beer, light and crisp. 12oz can 4.8% abv
Drakes Hefeweizen
Bavarian style hefeweizen wheat beer 12oz 4.8% alcohol by volume
Calicraft Pineapple Mango Spritzer
Made from organic pineapple and mango juices. Gluten Free. Fruit forward with dry finish. 5% abv. 12oz can
Drakes 1500 Pale Ale
Bay Area brewed dry-hopped pale ale. 12oz bottle 5.5% abv
Crabbie's Alcoholic Ginger Beer
Malt beverage with Natural Flavors (4.8% Alc/Vol)
Cycles Gladiator Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Sauvignon, 750ml Bottle, 14.5% ABV
Yaegeki "Black Bottle" - Sake (300ml)
Kurosawa Nigori - Sake (300ml)

Popular Drinks