DoorDash Driver Referral Program Terms and Conditions

Referrals are an important part of growing the community of DoorDash drivers ("Dashers"), so we’d love to start by first thanking you for your help in making DoorDash so great!

The DoorDash Driver Referral Program (the "Program") offers registered Dashers in certain cities who are in good standing the opportunity to receive referral bonuses by referring their friends to be Dashers. Referred Dashers also have the opportunity to receive referral bonuses after they complete the required number of deliveries. To participate in the Program, Dashers must agree to the following Terms and Conditions ("Terms"). We reserve the right to disqualify any Dasher from the Program at any time at our sole discretion for any violation of these Terms. Violations of these Terms may also result in the forfeiture of all referral bonuses previously earned through the Program.

Referral Bonuses

We award referral bonuses to the referred Dasher and the referring Dasher in accordance with the amounts listed in the Dasher mobile application (the "Dasher App") after all of the following "Qualifying Conditions" are satisfied: (1) the referrer must be a registered Dasher in good standing with DoorDash; (2) the referred Dasher must not have previously registered as a Dasher (under any name or alias); (3) the phone number for the referring Dasher that is registered in his or her Dasher account profile ("Registered Phone Number") must be completed in the referral field of the Dasher signup form available at (alternatively, if the referred Dasher clicks on a unique referral link provided by the referring Dasher, the referring Dasher’s name will be automatically included in the referral field of the Dasher signup form); (4) the referred Dasher must successfully complete registration as a Dasher; (5) the referred Dasher must complete the required number of deliveries specified in the Dasher App within 30 days of submitting his or her signup form; and (6) both the referring and referred Dasher must have Dasher accounts in good standing with DoorDash as of the time the bonuses are paid. Each referred Dasher who completes all Qualifying Conditions is considered a "Qualified Referral".

Referral bonus amounts and delivery requirements vary by city and are subject to change at any time in DoorDash’s sole discretion. Notice of any changes will be posted in the Dasher App. However, referral bonus amounts and delivery requirements for each particular referral will be determined by using the amounts and requirements posted in the Dasher App as of the date of the referred Dasher’s signup form submission. Any changes made to bonus amounts or delivery requirements after such date will not be retroactively applied to the bonuses associated with that referred Dasher’s referral.

Referral bonuses are not transferable. Referral bonuses are automatically added to the weekly pay of the referred Dasher and the referring Dasher. Bonuses will ordinarily appear in each Dasher’s paycheck for the week following the week in which the referred Dasher has satisfied all Qualifying Conditions.

Referring Dashers can earn a maximum of fifteen (15) referral bonuses for Qualified Referrals in a calendar year. Referrals made by a Dasher in excess of this limit will not trigger bonuses for either the referring or referred Dasher.

Both referred and referring Dashers are solely responsible for any and all tax liability resulting from their respective receipt of referral bonuses.

IF YOU ARE A REFERRING DASHER, BE SURE TO PROVIDE YOUR REFERRED DASHER WITH YOUR REGISTERED PHONE NUMBER OR YOUR UNIQUE REFERRAL LINK. If you send a unique referral link, your name will be automatically prepopulated in the referral field on the Dasher signup form. If you do not send a unique referral link, the referred Dasher will need to include your Registered Phone Number in the referral field of the Dasher signup form. If the referred Dasher neither clicks on your unique referral link to sign up nor includes your Registered Phone Number in the referral field of the Dasher signup form, neither Dasher will receive a referral bonus because there is no way for us to determine reliably that the referred Dasher’s signup resulted from your referral.


Referrals should only be made to your personal connections. You may notify your friends and acquaintances about this Program through your personal social media accounts, but posting public notices or your unique link on jobs boards, blogs, websites, search engines, or other platforms accessible to the general public are not allowed. For your own safety, please do not post your Registered Phone Number or any other personal data on any public websites or in any other public areas.

Dashers may not provide referrals using multiple or fake email addresses; accounts with fictitious identities; or any system, macro, script, bot or other device or artifice to participate in the Program or earn bonuses.

Bulk email distribution; multiple referral messages sent to the same person; or any other promotion in a manner that would constitute or appear to constitute unsolicited commercial messages or “spam” in DoorDash’s sole discretion is expressly prohibited and is grounds for immediate termination of a Dasher’s account, exclusion from the Program and revocation of all prior referral bonuses.

DoorDash may delay a referral bonus for the purposes of investigation. We reserve the right to revoke or refuse to issue referral bonuses for any reason (e.g. a referral involved a referred Dasher whom we suspect to be a previously registered Dasher).

Termination and Changes

DoorDash reserves the right to close the account(s) of any Dashers and to cancel all related referral bonuses if we determine in our sole discretion that the referring and/or referred Dasher has tampered with the Program or used or attempted to use the Program in a fraudulent, abusive, unethical, unsportsmanlike or otherwise suspicious manner or in violation of these Terms or any applicable law or regulation.

Additionally, DoorDash reserves the right to cancel the Program or change these Terms and the conditions and methods through which referral bonuses may be earned at any time and for any reason in its sole discretion.


If you have questions about the Program, please contact us at