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Heng / 馄饨汤/ វ៉ុនតុន (Soupe)
Siam / 泰国汤 / សៀម (Soupe)  (2 /5 épicé)
Nid du dragon / Dragon's Nest
Rouleaux impériaux (2) /帝国卷/

Chez Heng

Beloeil • Alcohol • $$

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Heng / 馄饨汤/ វ៉ុនតុន (Soupe)

Sans gluten. Vrai bouillon de poulet légèrement parfumé, raviolis farci (won-ton) au porc, oignons et châtaignes d'eau, (échalottes). / Gluten free. Real chicken broth lightly flavoured, stuffed ravioli (won-ton) with pork, onions and water chestnuts, (shallots).

$6.95 CAD

Siam / 泰国汤 / សៀម (Soupe) (2 /5 épicé)

Végétarien. Sans gluten. Poissons et fruits de mer. Une vague de saveurs!. Moyennement épicé, cari rouge parfumé à la citronnelle, crème de coco, lime, laitue, vermicelle, (échalottes). / Vegetarian. Gluten free. Fish and seafood. A Wave Of Flavors!. Medium spicy, red curry flavoured with lemongrass, coconut cream, lime, lettuce, vermicelli, (shallots).

$7.95 CAD

Nid du dragon / Dragon's Nest

Sauce maison (sauce huîtres), avec légumes (oignons, carottes, brocolis, zucchinis, choux-fleurs, pois mange-tout, champignons et Bok Choy) servi dans un nid de nouilles croustillantes / House sauce (oyster sauce), with vegetables (onions, carrots, broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, snow peas, mushrooms and Bok Choy) served in a nest of crispy noodles

$17.95 CAD

Rouleaux impériaux (2) /帝国卷/

Rouleaux fait maison farcis au porc, oignons, chou, carottes et tarot. (servi avec sauce poisson). / Homemade rolls stuffed with pork, onions, cabbage, carrots and tarot. (served with fish sauce).

$7.50 CAD

New! Thai My Cake in the Box
General Pad Thai
Fresh Spring Rolls

Thai Express

Beloeil • Asian • $$

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New! Thai My Cake in the Box

These layered cakes are both winning flavour combinations and have a base layer of cake, mousses and graham and crumble for extra texture providing a mouthful of sweet sweet joy! Also they come in super cute packaging, a mini 8oz version of our iconic takeout out box.

$6.45 CAD

General Pad Thai

Battered chicken and thin rice noodles stir fried with sweet-and-sour sauce, eggs, beansprouts, green onions, tofu, and salted radish.

$15.98 CAD


Completely vegan and dairy free, our new Pandan Thai Ice Tea is made from robust black tea, creamy coconut milk, and the aromatic tropical undertone of the Pandan Leaf (a tropical super food rich with vitamins like Betacarotene and vitamin C common in South East Asia)

$6.60 CAD

Fresh Spring Rolls

Fresh rice paper roll filled with lettuce, bean sprouts, carrot, coriander, mint, and vermicelli wrapped in rice paper and served with peanut sauce.

$5.50 CAD


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