Mei King Restaurant

Mei King Restaurant

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3,900+ valuaciones

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Ratings & Reviews
3,900+ valuaciones, 53 reseñas públicas
Terry N
• 25/3/22
DoorDash Order
Typical Chinese🥡.Tradional + tasty😋 ,which is what you want right? Arrived nice and 🔥..although it's just 4 blocks from my 🏡,.so I would expect the food to arrive ♨️ I guess. My 🥠 will tell whoever is reading this, that you can't go wrong here. it's not fancy/contemporary/unique here...standard fare. Grounding. What you expect. and that's one of the most Important aspects when ordering food online... ALWAYS use 🥢 when eating Asian dishes or noodles of any kind .It tastes better, there's nothing worse than metal forks for noodles.. ..etc 👉🥢👈👉🥢👈👉🥢👈
Helpful (2)
Samuel P
• 19/3/23
DoorDash Order
it's stuffed with vegetables nothing else probably around 75 grams of chicken that's it more over the taste was super bland. not recommended Chinese food stop.
Rebecca T
• 19/2/22
DoorDash Order
Hot, fresh and amazing!
Helpful (1)
Emilie M
• 19/3/23
DoorDash Order
Very good presentation they even added a biscuit and sauces ! Only little problem is the number of the Vegetable Spring Roll was not precised so I was a bit disappointed when I saw that I paid 3$ for only one spring roll.
Mike T
• 18/2/23
DoorDash Review
consistently good food and accurate order assembly.
Sarah T
• 19/10/22
DoorDash Order
The noodles and veggies are okay.., but the beef AND chicken are honestly disgusting >:( It's quite inedible and so chewy. The sesame chicken is like eating cardboard omg so dissapointing I had to throw it away. I never write bad reviews but this was next level bad