Emerald Chinese Restaurant

Emerald Chinese Restaurant

Mariscos, China
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Daily Special

Dim Sum

Chef's Special

Soups 汤羹类

Try a warm, comforting soup!

Appetizers 头盆类

Seafood 海鲜类

Traditional dishes featuring fresh seafood!

Poultry 鸡,鸭,乳鸽类

Mouth-watering poultry dishes!

Pork & Beef 猪,牛类

Authentic pork and beef-based dishes!

Vegetables 蔬菜类

Vibrant vegetable dishes!


Add a traditional curry to your meal!

Egg Foo Yung 芙蓉蛋类

Chinese-style omelettes!

Rice & Noodles 粉,面,饭类

Choose from an assortment of rice and noodle dishes!

Chop Su (No Noodles) 杂碎

Finish your meal with a traditional offering!

Set Menu

Choose from a selection of set meals!


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