Dragon Village Restaurant

Dragon Village Restaurant

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Welcome to Dragon Village - Alameda Dec 29, 2021 Dragon Village Restaurant offers authentic and delicious tasting Chinese cuisine in Alameda, CA. Dragon Village's convenient location and affordable pr…
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Évaluations et avis
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Yolanda M
• 23-01-30
Commande DoorDash
The beef and broccoli 4 star fried short ribs 4star prawn fried rice 4star.All the ingredients were super fresh and arrived warm and ready to eat.This place is top of my list👍🏾
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Ann G
• 23-03-24
Commande DoorDash
The suit mai wee tasteless as were the appetizers. The my shu was flavorful but there was no plumb sauce. The only sauce was soy sauce for the appetizers, no spicy mustard or hot spicy sauce for the appetizers.
Chelsey A
• 22-12-21
Évaluation DoorDash
Chow main, beef & broccoli, and fried chicken wings are SUPER GOOD. Great portions that makes the cost worth it! My go to order never disappoints.
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• 22-10-11
Évaluation DoorDash
The fried rice is the best I’ve ever had and the portions are huge! We also had the wonton soup that was great and comes in a huge bowl (enough for 3 people). Will definitely be back!
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Charmeng R
• 23-02-17
Commande DoorDash
I Love Dragon Village! Mongolian Beef, Salt n Pepper Green Beans
Verses O
• 23-01-03
Commande DoorDash
So good!! So good!! Love this soup! Best wanton soup with shrimp!!
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