Takara Japanese Restaurant

Takara Japanese Restaurant

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Takara, which means treasure in Japanese, is pleased to announce the opening of our Fort Worth location. Our business model is to provide an authentic Japanese restaurant to Fort Worth. Our traditiona…
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Whitney S
• 22-12-27
Commande DoorDash
The chicken fried rice and gyoza were nybabsolute favorote and I will order agian. The lobster roll my husband loved! The tonkotsu Ramen was good but I feel like it needed a little more flavor. The meat was very good though!
Chloe H
• 22-10-20
Commande DoorDash
Service was great. Pork in Roman is very over cooked. shrimp tempura was Very Bad Sushi was great. Takoyaki was amazing 
Bondie M
• 22-01-17
Commande DoorDash
Everything is so delicious! And they make sure a great job at packing it!
Shae W
• 22-01-06
Commande DoorDash
Ramen was amazing and will order again.
Bondie M
• 22-02-20
Évaluation DoorDash
Looove this place! I decided to give it a try because it was the only one delivering one day and now it's my go-to place!!
Stephanie S
• 23-01-10
Commande DoorDash
they put just a few tablespoons of miso soup. nowhere near enough for the dish. I basically just received dry noodles and meat and veggies with a spitful of soup. maybe half of a cup of miso soup. idk what to do with this but it's not typical for Ramen to have such a small amount of soup. I'm so annoyed because I waited an hour and a half for this meal and it's lukewarm and not up to par. doordash wasn't helpful either. the eggrolls are sour which is strange but not inedible. just not great.