BiBa's Italian Restaurant

BiBa's Italian Restaurant

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Abby H
• 23-03-21
Commande DoorDash
Lil garlic knots were such a cute touch and smelled divine. Would’ve been better not transported so far but all things considering sooo good! Salad: in the fridge bc she was big and gorgeous so I’m excited to eat that tomorrow. The “carbonara”: okay so the pasta was very tasty and the bacon stayed crispy and there was plenty of sauce that held up in transit it tasted good! Now…my issue is… that was NOT carbonara… that was Alfredo that they threw onions and bacon in. Carbonara is an egg yolk based pasta with pancetta to begin with so to call the carbonara has my ancestors rolling over in their grave. Taste 8/10 Authenticity: Meh
Valerie H
• 22-09-23
Commande DoorDash
The food here is top notch family Italian food! The Stromboli is the best I've ever had, the garlic knots are always good and honestly every dish I have had from Bibas has been incredibly good. The staff is always very friendly and the service excellent. Amazing place
Faith W
• 22-08-18
Commande DoorDash
Italian stuffed pie is my absolute favorite... think a pizza with tons of toppings covered w a thin layer of crust so it doesn't spill out.
Alyssa B
• 22-04-09
Commande DoorDash
Food was amazing & one of the best Italian dinners I've had in awhile. Everything from the garlic rolls to the raviolis & tortellinis to the cannolis were tasty & great! Definitely will be ordering from here again!
Mackenzie K
• 22-08-12
Commande DoorDash
The most bland food I've ever had. No flavor. No seasonings. Definitely not worth what I paid.
Samantha T
• 22-04-16
Commande DoorDash
Really yummy food! The pesto was creamy and not overly salted but balanced in flavor. They have Big portions, our meal came with salad and 2 garlic knots per person. I wish I would have gotten an extra order of the garlic knots they were Pillowy, buttery and garlicky but definitely not the greasy in the slightest. I hope to try different things on the menu the next time I find my self in Chattanooga.