El Tequileño Mexican Restaurant

El Tequileño Mexican Restaurant

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El Tequileño Mexican Restaurant|$$
The exotic, robust flavors of authentic Mexican food at El Tequileo Family Mexican Restaurant transport you to old Mexico. Try one of our many tequilas or one of our perfectly made margaritas. Our fes…
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Alex D
• 22-03-10
Commande DoorDash
I ordered the grande meal, and honestly I'm very pleasantly surprised with how fresh everything looks. I love how the restaurant separated some of the items so they don't get soggy in transit. Everything is delicious and love the generous portion size!
Nick N
• 23-02-25
Commande DoorDash
Cheap taco tortilla, was soggy and stale. Used to be good, but inconsistent nowadays
Michael W
• 22-07-16
Commande DoorDash
Excellent, high quality food. The queso and cheese dip are absolutely worth more than their list price. They are delivered warm, even far from restaurant. They also reheat easily. The fajitas and any item ordered via the "Grande" option are delivered fresh, high-quality, and tasty. I personally would prefer some options, like chimichangas, to be delivered without fresh lettuce or tomatoes on top. But even I have to admit that those options are delivered as if they were picked fresh from the garden and chopped within 10 minutes of being picked. Vegetarians should rejoice. The carnitas should make carnivores rejoice. And the prices are severely lower than they honestly could be. And even the salsa is free. Seriously, if you've made it to this point in the review, you've unlocked transcendence in life: just order the Chorizo con Queso. Fat = Flavor, and Chorizo = Nirvana. Amen.
Allie W
• 23-01-21
Commande DoorDash
Best food in town!!! everything is always so good!
Shawn W
• 22-12-16
Commande DoorDash
So good! Always happy with my order. Big portions, and the food is always hot, well packed, and just delicious.
• 22-11-11
Commande DoorDash
Taste of food: 6 stars Gave only 4 stars overall because 3 item combo with rice and beans was cold and, after checking the box for utensils to be included, they printed it on the receipt but sent nothing to eat with. Soup was excellent. Fried icecream was excellent.