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Try the Chewy Noodles – Jjolmyeon with cabbage, bean sprouts, carrots, radish cucumbers, sesame seeds, and cooked egg with chogochu-jang mixing sauce if you're in the mood for Cold Noodles (red chili …
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Soups - Guk or Tang

Korean soups, called guk or tang, are made with a wide variety of ingredients including meat, fish, shellfish, seaweed, and vegetables.

Korean-Style Chicken and Shrimp

BBQ / Wraps

Ssam is meat, vegetables, and rice and so on wrapped in greens such as lettuce leaves, sesame leaves, pumpkin leaves, and cabbages and ganished with ssamjang (red soy paste dip). It is a delicious combination of a variety of ingredients and makes for a healthfully nutritious meal. Serve with lettuce, garlic, peppers, ssamjang, wasabi, onions, and one steamed rice.

Stir-Fried Dishes - Bokkeum

Bokkeum refers to meat, seafood, or vegetables seasoned and quickly stir-fried over a high flame. Served steamed rice.

STIR FRY Noodles

Cold Noodles

Cold Noodles with Soup

Noodles with Soup

Grilled Fish - Saengseon - Gui

Grilled fish a variety of fish, including mackerel, saury, and cutlass fish, are grilled and seasoned with salt or gochu-jang (red chili paste) or jan-jang (soy sauce). Serve with rice.


Rice topped with a variety of colorful vegetables that is mixed with gochu-jang sauce or gan-jang sauce (soy sauce).

Pan-Fried Delicacies - Jeon

Jeon refers to seafood, meat, or vegetables, thinly-sliced or chopped, seasoned, coated with flour, and pan-fried.

Kimchi (Fermented Vegetables)

Steamed or Boiled Dish - Jjim

Jjim (steamed or boiled) is made with meat or fish and vegetables, which are marinated in various seasonings and braised together. Serve with two rice.

Stew - Jjigae

Jjigae (stew) is made with various ingredients, such as meat, fish, clams, tofu, and vegetables. It is thicker than soups (guk or tang) and boiled in an earthen pot. Served hot with steamed rice.

Hot Pots - Jeongol

Jeongol is derived from Korean royal cuisine and traditional Korean dish made by stewing of beef, pork, or seafood along with seasonings and vegetables in a pot at the table. Serve with two rice. Two portions.

Bubble tea, Smoothie Drinks

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