Logan Corner Restaurant
Logan Corner Restaurant

Logan Corner Restaurant

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Poulet, Fruits de mer, Végétarien|$$
Logan Corner Restaurant is one of Winnipeg's greatest Chinese restaurants, specializing in providing fast and delicious Chinese and Asian cuisine to its patrons. Try their delectable fish, pork, and v…
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2 300+ évaluations

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11 h 15 - 22 h 10
11 h 15 - 22 h 10
11 h 15 - 22 h 10
11 h 15 - 22 h 10
11 h 15 - 22 h 10

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Articles populaires

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Special Vegetables / 小 菜

Choose from a variety of delicious dishes with authentic Chinese greens.

Pork and Beef / 猪、牛

Choose from a variety of authentic beef and pork dishes!

Chicken and Duck / 鸡鸭类

Choose from a variety of delicious chicken and duck dishes!

Hot Pots / 煲 仔 菜

Seafood / 海 鲜

Satisfy your seafood craving with these tasty dishes.

Side Orders

Beef up your meal with these side orders!

Vegetables / 蔬 菜 类

These vegetable dishes are packed with delicious flavours and ingredients!

Chicken / 鸡 类

Traditional Chinese chicken dishes!

Chow Mein, Chow Fan, and Vermicelli / 炒面, 炒河, 炒米

Choose from a variety of noodle-based dishes!

Mooshi / 木 须

Congee, Vermicelli, Rice and Rice Noodles / 粥粉饭面

Chop Suey / 什 碎

Assorted vegetables served with your choice of meat served on steamed rice.

Special Soups / 汤 羹

Special soups packed with unique and tasty ingredients!

Egg Foo Young / 芙 蓉

Chinese-style omelettes filled with tasty ingredients!

Tofu / 豆 腐

Delicious tofu dishes!

Soups and Appetizers / 汤羹 和 小吃

Start your meal with an appetizer and soup!

Seafood and Fish / 海鲜、鱼

Fresh seafood are the base of these dishes!

Fried Rice / 炒 饭

Add a mouthwatering fried rice dish to your meal!

Combination Plates

These plates combine your favourite items!

Special Snacks / 烧味小吃

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