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Sushi Gen Restaurant

Sushi Gen Restaurant

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They are delicate, flavorful, and attractive food to stimulate the appetite in anticipation of the meal to come.


Japanese-style soups to open your appetite for the coming meal.


Mixed vegetables with your choice of style.


Consisting of cooked vinegar rice combined with other ingredients, seafood, vegetables, and sometimes tropical fruits.


Japanese delicacy consisting of very fresh raw meat or fish sliced into thin pieces.

Sushi Combos

All sushi combos include miso soup and salad.

Sashimi Combos

All sashimi combos include miso soup and salad.

Hand Rolls

A large cone-shaped piece of nori on the outside and the ingredients spilling out the wide end.


Maki sushi is when the rice and fish and/or vegetables are rolled up in a seaweed wrapper.

Maki Combos

Make it a combo.

Sushi & Maki Combos

Food combinations at best prices.

Sashimi, Sushi, & Maki Combos

Combo with a good price.

Don (Rice)

Japanese rice bowl with sweet and savory ground meat and scrambled egg.

Udon (Noodles)

Udon is a type of thick wheat flour noodles of Japanese cuisine.

Bento Boxes

A delicious bento holds rice and your choice of meat with cooked vegetables. All bento boxes include miso soup and salad.

Sushi Bar Special Maki

Try sushi gen's best sushi bar such as lover special, black dragon, etc.


Teriyaki dishes except pad thai include miso soup, salad, rice, and mixed vegetables.


Add drinks to complement your meal.


Our amazing Japanese style dessert.

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