Peking Garden Restaurant
Peking Garden Restaurant

Peking Garden Restaurant

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Start your meal off right with a variety of delicious appetizers.


Traditional Chinese soups that will warm your heart.

Fish Entrées

Homemade delicious fish dishes.

Beef Entrées

Find Peking Garden's best beef recipes here.

Pork and Spareribs Entrées

Delicious pork dishes in all their forms.

Chicken Entrées

Choose from a selection of delicious chicken-based dishes.

Seafood Entrées

Feast on the fruits of the ocean.

Vegetable Entrées

Choose from a tasty variety of vegetable-based entrees.

Miscellaneous Entrées

Feast on a selection of delicious entrees to satisfy your hunger.

Tofu Entrées

Feast on a variety of delicious tofu-based entrees.

Sizzling Rice Entrées

Deep-fried crispy rice served on the side with your choice of meat or vegetables.

Duck Entrées

Feast on Peking garden's duck signature duck entree.

Flat Rice Noodle Entrées

Choose from two delicious flat rice noodle entrees.

Rice Dishes

Fabulous classic fried rice recipes, cooked with assorted ingredients.


Feast on a variety of delicious noodle dishes.


Complement your meal with a side of steamed rice.


Quench your thirst with a cool beverage.

Gluten Friendly - Soups

Gluten Friendly - Hot Appetizers

Gluten Friendly - Vegetables

Gluten Friendly - Beef

Gluten Friendly - Pork

Gluten Friendly - Chicken

Gluten Friendly - Fish

Gluten Friendly - Seafood

Gluten Friendly - Tofu

Gluten Friendly - Rice

Gluten Friendly - Sizzling Rice

Deep-fried crispy rice served on the side.

Gluten Friendly - Flat Rice Noodles

Gluten Friendly - Vermicelli Rice Noodle

Gluten Friendly - Miscellaneous


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