Dimitri's Family Restaurant

Dimitri's Family Restaurant

アメリカ料理, イタリアン
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Hot Sandwiches

Served with choice of French fries or chips.

Open-Face Sandwiches

Try one of our delicious open-face sandwiches.

Dimitri's Breakfast Specials

These are specials for a reason!

Fluffy Omelettes

Served with home fries, toast and jelly.

Steak & Eggs

Served with three eggs, home fries, toast and jelly.

Pancakes & French Toast

Fluffy pancakes and your favorite French toast.

From Lakes & Oceans

Served with choice of potato or salad.

The Munchies

Munch on these delicious dishes!

Kids' Breakfast

Kid's deserve the best breakfast too!

Dimitri's Salads

Refreshing salads!

Specialty Combo Sandwiches

All combo sandwiches are served with choice of potato chips or French fries, with a pickle.

From the Deli

Served with French fries or potato chips.

Italy's Finest Pasta

All pasta dishes are served with salad, a roll and butter.

Steak & Chops

Served with choice of potato, vegetables, salad and a roll.

Stir-Fry Favorites

All stir fry favorites are served over rice, fresh vegetables, in a teriyaki glaze. Served with salad and a roll with butter.

Dinner Favorites

Served with choice of potato and vegetables, salad and roll with butter.

From the Rack

Served with choice of potato, vegetable and salad.

Low-Calorie Delights

Low in calories, but don't worry, they don't lack any flavor!

From the Broiler

Served with choice of French fries or chips.

Kids' Menu

Dishes all the kids will love!

Breakfast Sides

Don't let an order be incomplete without adding a tasty side to your order.

Side Orders

Don't let your order be incomplete without a tasty side order.


Quench your thirst with a refreshing drink!



Dimitri's Family Restaurantの所在地を教えてください。
Dimitri's Family Restaurantの所在地は10945 Lorain Ave, Cleveland, OH 44111 アメリカ合衆国です。こちらでお客様がDoorDashのテイクアウト注文を受け取り、ダッシャーがDoorDashの配達注文を受け取ります。
Dimitri's Family Restaurantでは、配達またはテイクアウトを利用できますか?
Dimitri's Family Restaurantのメニューを閲覧し、DoorDashの配達注文とテイクアウト注文を行うことができます。Dimitri's Family Restaurantは、独自に、または他の配達サービスを利用して、配達とテイクアウトのサービスを提供する可能性もあります。
Dimitri's Family Restaurantの評価は何ですか?
Dimitri's Family RestaurantはDoorDashユーザーから4.5/5星評価を受けています。
Dimitri's Family Restaurantで最も人気のある料理は何ですか?
DoorDashをご利用のお客様がDimitri's Family Restaurantで最もよく注文する料理は、Dimitri's Breakfast Slam、Chicken Wings、1/2 lb. Bacon Cheeseburgerです。
Dimitri's Family RestaurantはDashPassの対象店舗ですか?
Dimitri's Family Restaurantは、配達料金$0、サービス手数料減額、テイクアウト注文での$5のクレジット還元など、DashPass特典を提供しています。店舗がDashPassの対象かどうかを確認する場合は、店舗名の横にある「DashPass」アイコンを探してください。