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Kelly N
• 6/24/22
DoorDash Order
We got 30 pc nuggets, a sandwich and waffle fries. It was delicious.
Jesse B
• 3/12/22
DoorDash Order
not the most "crisp" food I've had through door dash but still delicious, driver was great.
Rebecca C
• 1/20/22
DoorDash Order
The side salad is the perfect amount if you don’t want a huge normal salad!
Andrew E
• 5/21/22
DoorDash Order
Food was perfect as ALWAYS, plenty of sauce in the bag "which is nice these days!" also super quick as ALWAYS. Serious not to hype this Chick-fil-A in VR but really they are the only fast food place anywhere around that I have ever been to that ALWAYS every single time bar none gets the order and food exactly right. Not once ever have I got the wrong order OR been missing items not even once. I ALWAYS have napkins and PLENTY of the chosen sauces in the bag every single time. I can honestly say never not once have I got my food and not got any sauce with it. Literally never not once. Now I've used the words "never & not once" a lot in this review which may sound like (okay by never or not once he means past several months the couple times he's ordered it's has been perfect) NO. In fact I've lived in VR for almost 20years now and have been a weekly customer of this store ever since the week Justin opened the doors. In fact I'd eat there several times a week for quite literally years. Now I only eat it once a week sometimes twice but always at least once per week but usually it's several times and it's been that way for me literally since the doors opened and when I say "never" or "not once" I quite literally mean never EVER not once ever over a decade... heck I've spent the last 5min of my night typing this instead of eating my dinner allowing my food to get cold instead of eating it already but Im saying all this to make the point that this particular Chick-fil-A location is something above and beyond any other fast food place within 50miles at least maybe much more I can't know for sure. Batting 100% over the course of a decade and half when you have/see a thousand plus guests a day.......... yeah, Here's a word for you "INCREDIBLE" and somehow that still doesn't quite do this location and it's rock star staff led by Mr. Day justice at all. ""Also just on a total side note these inflation prices are crazy everywhere, but it says A-LOT about a company that raises the price of their chicken sandwich .36cents yet their competitors "zaxbys" goes up $1 on their fry basket, $2 on ALL their plates/combos PLUS still want to charge .25c per cup for sauce!!!"" Just the humble opinion/experience of one resident of VR for last 20 years...
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Shannon S
• 4/25/22
DoorDash Order
follow order to the fullest, may sound petty, but I ordered large tea, with 3 lemons, only way I will drink it. received it,, no lemons.. had to pour it out.. money wasted.
Tia C
• 2/22/23
DoorDash Order
Chick fila is always good quality and on time!