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Kolache Factory [Corporate-7290]

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Savory Kolaches

Bacon & Cheddar Cheese
Bacon lovers dream. Diced bacon bits and pieces filled with cheddar cheese. - Pork Product
Bar-B-Q Brisket
Delicious smoked Texas brisket doused in tangy BBQ Sauce. Eating BBQ without the mess!
Chicken Enchilada
Cheesy and chickeny and kinda spicy too! If you love Tex-Mex and want to eat on the go give this one a whirl.
Cream Spinach
Spinach dip to the next level in our delicious sweet bread makes this a crowd pleaser. - vegetarian friendly
Ham & Swiss Cheese
Ground ham and a perfect amount of swiss cheese making this one of our long time favorites. - Pork Product
Italian Chicken
Oh my! Marinated Italian chicken breast, with cream of mushroom and cheddar cheese make this one of the most beloved kolaches for breakfast or lunch. We promise you will definitely want two of these!
Jalapeño Popper
Diced jalapeños, bacon and cream cheese. So good your mouth will want to blow up! - Pork Product.
Pepperoni Pizza
Move over delivery pizza we have a pepperoni lovers dream right here! Mozzarella cheese, tons of pepperoni and marinara sauce means kids will eat them all, and parents will hide them for themselves! - Pork Product
Philly Cheese Steak
Seasoned steak, grilled peppers and onion and then filled with Monterey Jack cheese, well do we need to say more? Nom..nom..nom...
Sausage & Cheese
Link smoked sausage with American cheese - our #1 seller in Texas! - Pork product
Sausage & Gravy
Throw out the fork and knife, you won't need it for this favorite! Perfectly cooked seasoned ground sausage with creamy gravy wrapped secretly in our famous dough. You may never eat traditional biscuits and gravy again! - Pork Product
Sausage, Jalapeño & Cheese
We take our favorite Sausage and Cheese kolaches and add in some spicy jalapeños making this a favorite! -Pork Product