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Davidson • Convenience • $

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7-Select Sour Neon Worm Gusset 14oz

These remarkably soft and chewy worms covered in sourness, leaving a tart taste.


Always Ultra Thin Maxi Wings 18 Count

A step up in size with the same comfortable feeling now with extra coverage and extra protection. Always has your back.


Extra Spearmint Gum 35 Count

Keep your breath freash with Extra Spearmint.



Davidson • Convenience • $$

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DenTek Fresh Clean Floss Picks Long Lasting Mint (75 ct)


Plan B One-Step Emergency Contraceptive (1 ct)


Walgreens Soft Silicone Ear Plugs (6 pr)


Lowes Foods Grocery

Davidson • Convenience • $$

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International Delight Cold Stone Creamer Sweet Cream (10.5 oz)

International Delight Creamer Cold Stone Cramery 24Ct


International Delight Creamer Caramel Macchiato (10.5 oz)

International Delight Creamer Caramel Macchiato 24Ct


Almond Breeze Original Almond Milk (64 oz)

Almond Breeze Original Almondmilk



Davidson • Convenience • $$

Popular Items

Dr. Pepper Soda 12 oz Cans (12 pk)



Coca Cola Classic Can 12 Pack (12 oz)



Gold Emblem 100% Apple Juice (64 oz)



Dollar General

Davidson • Convenience • $$

Popular Items

Nestle Toll House Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chip Morsels Bag (12 oz)



Double "Q" Pink Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon (14.75 oz)



Clover Valley Fruity Dyno-Bites Bites (19.5 oz)




DoorDash is food delivery anywhere you go. With one of the largest networks of restaurant delivery options in Davidson, choose from 5 restaurants near you delivered in under an hour! Enjoy the most delicious Davidson restaurants from the comfort of your home or office. Browse by name, cuisine, or staff picks personalized to your location

Frequently asked questions
How does DoorDash work?

DoorDash connects you with the best nearby restaurants. Use the DoorDash website or app to browse eligible restaurants. Order and securely pay online and your food is on the way! You can even track your delivery right to your door. Getting your favorite foods delivered is that easy.

Can I schedule a delivery in advance?

Yes. Before clicking Place Order, simply select Scheduled and you can select the date and time you wish to have your meal delivered. After selecting the date and time you want, click Place Order and we'll handle the rest.

How fast will I get my food?

How fast you'll get your food depends on a number of things. How far is the restaurant? How bad is traffic? Is it snowing out? The average time is approximately 40 minutes but it could be more or less. Either way, you can track where your driver is on the DoorDash website or app.

What is a group order and how can I create one?

A group order allows multiple people to add items into an order at the same time. Once a group order is created through a DoorDash Account, the rest of the group doesn't need to have a DoorDash Account to use the group order link. Even better, you can pre-order up to four days in advance, which makes it great for events and meetings. Follow these steps to create a group order:

  •  Log into your DoorDash account.

  •  Choose your restaurant.

  •  In the upper right-hand corner, click Create a group order.

  •  Send the group order link to others.

  •  When everyone is done adding their items into the cart, you can close the group order and complete checkout.

What is DashPass?

DashPass is a subscription service that provides free deliveries (no delivery fee) on orders from eligible restaurants. Service fees and minimum subtotal may apply. Check your DoorDash app for more details and to sign up (available only in certain areas).